Portable Morgues

Portable Morgues Owing to our vast Ambulance Services and expertise, we are offering Mortuary Van Attached Freezer Box to our customers. Mortuary Van Attached Freezer Box is noted for its several excellent features such as accurate dimensions, sturdiness and excellent quality. This product is efficient in working and has commendable life span. This product has got excellent market demand and we are offering this at suitable price.

We also provide private portable cold storage units that can be kept at your residence for you to view and keep your loved one at home overnight. All you need to do is give us a call on our 24 hour numbers and we will send our portable morgue to your residence and set it up for you. Bodies are kept between 2 째C (36 째F) and 4 째C (39 째F). While this is usually used for keeping bodies for up to several weeks, it does not prevent decomposition, which continues at a slower rate than at room temperature.

The MERC System was developed as a portable unit (mobile morgue), so it can be moved to the location of the event and  set up in a tent, warehouse, gymnasium, parking lot or roadway. It is the only portable morgue system available that does not use chilled air to provide cooling for human remains.There are a variety of positions in a morgue, including attendants, pathologists, and security guards. In a mortuary role, you may assist in the preparation of a body for a funeral service or burial, provide cremation services, or perform an autopsy on a deceased individual. Some details of this job vary by location